Yarmony Waxed Peacoat

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By Camplin
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Size: M (50)

The original Peacoat, a legend of naval outerwear. The placket is double-breasted with wide English lapels with windproof collar. The cordage placed between the two top buttons ensures an ‘exceptional thermal seal. Equipped with Air Warm* system ensures retention of body heat even in the great cold.

  • Waxed cotton blend
  • Camo cotton/poly lining
  • Wind & water resistant
  • Removable insulated liner with knit collar
  • Natural horn buttons
  • Fit is true
  • Made in Romania

Originally worn by sailors in European and American navies, peacoats were designed to provide warmth and protection against the harsh weather conditions at sea. Over the years, peacoats have become popular civilian attire and are now worn by both men and women as stylish and warm winter coats.