Stallion Boots


    Pearlized Majestic Goblin 12" Boots


    This 12" olive green boot is an eye-catcher, composed of the softest goatskin, buck-stitched along the side seams, with scalloped Nile crocodile (tanned in South Africa) on the wingtip, heel counter, and collar. The skin is unusual a goatskin tanned in the Himalayas with layered applications of green and bronze for a unique pearly finish. Hailing from El Paso, the boot capital of the world, all of our Stallion boots are made by artisans with more than thirty years' experience. All detailing is done by careful and loving hand.

    • All leather components & steel shanks
    • Handmade leather toe boxes
    • Lemonwood-pegged leather soles allow natural weather-induced expansion & contraction, and a very long life of comfortable wear

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