Stallion Boots Janie's Gallegos Pearlized

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SKU 210000014206
Size: 6
A contemporary, elegantly high, feminine pair of cowboy boots that make your legs look long and slender. Worn with skinny jeans or a party dress depending on the occasion, they're sure to turn heads.,This olive green " Majestic' model is an eye-catcher, 15.5 inches high, composed of the softest goatskin, buck- stitched along the side seams, and with an added layer of scalloped Nile crocodile skin tanned in South Africa on the wingtip, heel counter, and collar.The skin is unusual; a goatskin tanned in the Himalayas in a way where green and bronze are layered upon one another for a subtle “pearlized" appearance.Whether you choose to wear primarily black or brown, this beautiful boot will complete your look. I have found it to be a must in my wardrobe., Downsize half a size unless you have a very high instep or wide foot. As with all our cowboy boots, this pair is handmade by Stallion Boot Company of El Paso, Texas, by artisans with 30 to 50 years' experience. All boots are strictly made of leather components, steel shanks, handmade leather toe boxes, with wooden pegs on the soles, and all detailing is done by hand, allowing for the best comfort, design and long lasting life of the boot. Wear them with pride, and kick up your heels!
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