AO Corday Swirl Trophy Buckle

SKU 210000004894
Size: 1.5 Inch

The AO Corday Swirl Trophy Buckle showcases masterful craftsmanship with hand-cut sterling silver scroll overlays and intricate hand-sawed filigree. The overlay, a solid piece of sterling silver soldered atop a solid sterling base, creates a captivating 3D sculptural effect. The filigree involves piercing the metal with a drill bit to create a pilot hole, threading a saw blade through it to cut out shapes, and then overlaying these pieces onto the sterling silver base, resulting in a puzzle-like design. Measuring 2 5/8" x 1 3/4", this buckle fits all 1.5-inch belt straps. The moveable bale allows the belt to self-level, ensuring the buckle remains flat. Versatile and stylish, it pairs well with both trousers and jeans. Handmade in Nevada, USA, it exemplifies exceptional artistry and attention to detail.