Stallion Boots

The Stallion Boot & Belt Company of El Paso, Texas has fewer than thirty employees, but their list of satisfied customers is more star-studded than a Hollywood premiere.Handmade Stallion boots have been worn byBob Dylan, Jane Fonda, Tina Turner, Kevin Costner, and many more since the company’s founding thirty-five years ago, while Stallion collections are perennial must-have items inthe high-end fashion industry. The story of how this small company in South Texas garnered such a fashionable following is as charming and humble as the man who stands at its center, Mr. Pedro Muñoz.

“Man, I love your boots.” –Bob Dylan 

The Outpost is proud to carry a large collection of Western boots from the legendary Stallion Boots Company. Considering the variety of styles in our collection, we wanted to offer an overview of a few representative items to give you a sense of what we offer and what might fit your personal style. This is by no means a comprehensive list or guide, but it may be a helpful starting point for those interested in buying their first pair of boots, or those who want to add a new angle to their personal collection.  

Featured Styles

Day of the Dead Boots

Camel Break Suede II

Stallion Cactus Inlay

Making a Stallion 

Despite their enormous international demand, every Stallion boot is still made by hand in the traditional fashion by an individual craftsman in Stallion’s workshop: production caps at about seventy per week. There are more than 140 steps involved in creating a basic handcrafted boot, and that count can grow beyond 200 when intricate inlays and patterns are used (for Stallion, they often are).  

 Ultimately, there is no substitute for skilled hands. Hand construction creates an unmatched level of quality, comfort, and fit. Master craftsmen pull wet leather over the last—a hard casting in the shape of a foot—with expert manipulation, fine yet firm, which simply cannot be replicated by a machine. 

 Stallion Boots are wearable art. Cowboy pride demands the highest level of quality, durability, and comfort for every item that bears the brand name, yet Stallion also asserts the value of individuality. They believe that each handmade boot carries the unique character of the artist who creates it. 

 For owner Pedro Muñoz, this process may be difficult, but it is not complicated. He sees a right way to make boots, and no other way will do. He travels extensively to personally source Stallion’s exceptional materials, which include skins from Nile crocodiles, French calves, American bison, ostriches, lizards, stingrays, as well as jewels and adornments from all over the world. His process is really a way of life, directing his work and defining who he is, and it is a living part of the iconic history and heritage of the cowboy.