Mid Century Modern

$3,780.00 $4,200.00
SKU 210000059596
Size: 1.5 Inch

  • The Mid Century Modern is an exclusive Comstock Heritage web piece created with style and history in mind. Starting with a Sterling silver "Mesa" shape buckle base that has been antiqued for a darker finish, we then added random hand cut 14k yellow and 14k rose gold pieces throughout.
  • Stirling silver & gold overlay figure. An overlay is a solid piece of silver or gold which is soldered on top of a solid sterling base thereby creating a 3D or sculptural effect
  •  This buckle measures approx. 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" and fits 1.25" belt straps.
  • Fits all 1.5-inch belt straps
  • Moveable bale allowing the belt to self-level thereby keeping the buckle flat