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Stile Latino Porto Denim Pant

Another great pair of pants for summer, these come from Stile Latino. Made from an extra-fine, pre-washed and softened, lightweight blue denim, they are dense enough you can't see through them to the pockets underneath. Speaking of pockets, these pants have slash pockets and double rear pockets, and even a button fly with beautiful, bone buttons. The fit is slim, but with a seam in the back of the waist it's easy to make alterations. If you're looking for a jacket to go with them, we have a cool, double-breasted model that matches perfectly. Either way, you'll have incredible summer style with these pants.

The third generation in the most venerated name in Neapolitan tailoring, Vincenzo Attolini, Jr. branched off from the family firm in 2005 to create his own label, Stile Latino. Abiding by the philosophy that made his grandfather the founder of Neapolitan style, the younger Vincenzo has continued honing his craft to the point of art. Searching the world for the best materials that help him realize his vision of form-fitting, immaculately tailored garments that are the perfect balance of comfort and structure, Vincenzo oversees a small group of tailors he has personally trained. Poring over every detail of each garment, Attolini is able to ensure every cut, every stitch is executed to perfection. The result is some of the best-fitting, most stylish jackets in the world.

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