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Stile Latino Adria Wool/Alpaca-Blend Jacket in Brown

Stile Latino's Adria jacket is made from 43% wool, 37% baby alpaca, and 20% polyamide in an understated but striking pattern with a great depth of color. The material has a unique composition that merits a close look: alpaca fleece is naturally durable, soft, and luxuriously silky�so much so that the Incas who first cultivated it called it "the fiber of the gods" and reserved it only for royalty. The small percentage of polyamide enhances breathability and complements the alpaca's naturally silky feel, while Stile Latino's excellent quality wool adds quintessential fall texture and gives the material a nice heft and body.

As with all Stile Latino jackets, every single stitch and seam is done by hand�except for the buttonholes, which owner Vincenzo Attolini Jr. believes are the one thing that machines can do as well as his tailors. Another interesting design feature is that the side patch pockets have the slightest curvature�almost imperceptible on their own�that subtly contributes to a flattering, athletic silhouette. Runs true to size with a trim modern fit (drop 8).

  • 43% wool, 37% baby alpaca, 20% polyamide
  • Half-lined
  • Drop 8
  • Three interior pockets
  • Sleeves left unfinished to facilitate individualized tailoring

Please don't hesitate to call with any sizing questions. 970-476-7625

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