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Sicily Cardigan in Beige w/ Beaver Lining


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The Sicily Cardigan is one of Axel's signature items, part of Axel's Milan Collection. We added this item in brown with brown beaver fur because we so enjoyed the previous Sicily Cardigan in navy (which features mink lining). It is a zippered cardigan made with high gauge, three-ply, 100% cashmere. The body is fully lined with a sumptuous beaver fur�outstanding for its warmth, softness, and decadent comfort�while the sleeves are left unlined to avoid bulky fit and over-warmth. It features a cable-knit front, smooth sleeves and back, double zipper, and side pockets. It was a true delight to design this one-of-a-kind item, and we love the way it turned out. Consider it the perfect gift for the guy who has everything.