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John Lobb Philip II in Black Calf

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SKU: JohnLobb-S15-M3-Black-9.5 UK

Brand John Lobb

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In this unique shoe, John Lobb has combined the best of an Oxford and a loafer. From the Oxford come the fine-punched toe cap, sleeker pointed toe and wrap-over closure, and from the loafer are the clean, laceless lines and internal elastic for a perfect fit. All this fine leatherwork sits atop a hand-beveled waist and rounded soles, creating an incredibly elegant shoe, shown here in black.

John Lobb is one of the storied companies located in Northampton, the world famous center of shoemaking. For centuries the craftsmen of this town northwest of London have been honing their skills to create the world's finest shoes. Originally opened as a bespoke shoemaker in 1866, John Lobb eventually started making ready-to-wear shoes after they were acquired by the Hermès Group. Since 1982 the French fashion giant and expert shoemakers at John Lobb have worked together to design and produce shoes renowned for their character and quality.