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Mona Van Riper


Mona Van Riper Turquoise Cross


,For this buckle, Van Riper used choice pieces of green turquoise to fashion the cross in the center. She also placed circles of the same stone in each of the four corners of the buckle. To frame it she formed a twisted silver "rope," and then put scrollwork patterns all over the face. In order to ensure the focus remained on the beautiful veins of varying color in the turquoise, Van Riper antiqued all the silver on the buckle. The result is a buckle with character and beauty. Fits all 1.5-inch belt straps.


,,,Born and raised in New Mexico, Mona Van Riper began working as a silversmith in 1976. Her earlier creations were in the Navajo style, made by stamping jewelry from ingots and coins. As she honed her craft she began adding different techniques to her repertoire, like engraving and overlaying of metals. She also incorporated more materials, such as sterling silver, eighteen-karat gold, hand-cut turquoise and other semi-precious and precious stones. Now she creates beautiful, signature pieces by combining these materials, techniques and artistic influences from both the past and present. An award-winning jewelry maker, we are proud to sell some of her items in our store.

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