Kiton Domingo Sport Coat

36 hours of handwork is the average time it takes the skilled Kiton tailors to bring this blazer from its infancy to completion. The Lasa model, which I believe is exclusive to us in the U.S., is a slightly more sartorial model in Kiton's quiver of sport coats. Some of its notable features are the light linen canvas used giving the jacket its soft drape and the very lightly roped shoulder that we appreciate in such a sartorial masterpiece. The fabric, a blend of linen, cashmere and a touch of silk, is lightweight, airy, and the color made up is better than we could have hoped for. The model is a 3 button rolled to 2, side-vents, 2 patch pockets and a welted chest pocket. The fit is trim, more like a drop 8, although officially a drop 9, and the length of a size 50 is 75 cm. As with all Kiton sport coats, it is made in Italy.
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