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    Kiton Bosa Jeans


    When Kiton set out to make jeans, it was a new venture for the company. The way the went about it, however, was nothing out of the ordinary for Kiton, at least. Made from the highest quality materials in the world, garment washed and dyed, and painstakingly crafted for exceptional fit, they earn their distinction: "Perfect Jeans". Business as usual in Ciro Paone's legacy. ,

    Kiton's Bosa Jeans in white have a neat profile and casually elegant feel that suggest a mature, modern look, able to pair with a dress shirt and blazer just as well as a sport shirt and sweater. Cut for a naturally trim fit and made with a mid-weight 98% cotton, 2% elastan fabric, the jeans literally shape to their owner's form after a few wears for this reason it is recommended to wash them only after five or six wears to achieve the best fit. Designed with button fly, 8.5" rise, and 15" leg opening. Made in Italy.