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Finamore Titolo Dress Shirt in Yellow


SKU: Finamore-LateS14-M1-Yellow-M

Brand Finamore

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We did the Finamore Titolo Dress shirt in this exquisite cotton in 4 different color ways. All have a white base with blue stripes. They differ however in the color of the narrow stripes set between the blue wider stripes. It's a subtle variation, but adds interest, as well as opens the possibility to match, when selecting a tie, should one want to. For those not familiar with our Finamore Dress shirt model, there are 7 hand sewn steps in its make. Most significant among these are the attachments of collar, sleeves, yoke, buttons and the finishing of the buttonholes, a discreet sign of Neapolitan tailoring. We had this shirt cut with a Sergio cutaway or cutaway spread collar, 5 cm tall in the back and 4 cm in the front. The rounded cuffs have single button closures. Fit is trim, but not slim, and as with all Finamore shirts, they are made in Italy.