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Finamore Sergio Pink/White Stripe Dress Shirt

Finamore makes this stripe shirt in their Dress model with 7 steps of hand stitching included in the process. We like this model a lot. The comfort of hand stitching in shirts is undeniable. It is a notable luxury to literally feel the shirt move with you, particularly at the more stressed areas such as the collar, sleeves, yoke, and sleeve plackets. Additionally, hand-sewn buttons and button holes make the buttoning easier, and is also a real mark of Neapolitan craftsmanship. Other notable features include the cutaway collar which is a little taller than ready-to-wear shirts (5 cm in the back and 4 cm in the front). The fit is trim, but not slim. Cuffs are rounded with single button closures, and all Finamore shirts are made in Italy.
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