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Finamore Sergio Double White/Pink Stripe (Size M)

$450.00 $199.00

SKU: Finamore-F14-M26-Double White/Pink-M

Brand Finamore

Based in San Giorgio a Cremano, just outside of Naples, 3 generations of this dedicated shirt maker family have made Finamore into the world-renowned company they are today. None of their shirts are stocked, but made to order, chosen from literally thousands of fabrics. Rarely does one see the same fabric repeated by others. We buy their shirts in 2 different finishes: Sport and Dress. This Linen Sport Shirt comes washed with a softer collar and no stays, portraying a shirt of casual elegance that pairs really well with the more relaxed jackets of today. For those not familiar with the Finamore Sport Shirts, there are 5 hand sewn steps incorporated in the finishing of this shirt; these are the attachment of the collar, sleeves, yoke, buttons and the finishing of the buttonholes, where daily wear makes most of its mark. Other notable features include the cutaway collar which is a little taller than ready-to-wear shirts (5 cm in the back and 4 cm in the front). Cuffs are rounded with single button closures, and all Finamore shirts are made in Italy. The fit is trim, but not slim. We bought this linen shirt for our Spring 2015 Collection in a beautiful light pink/white stripe.


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