Boglioli Fregene Silk Cotton Dover Jacket

The Dover from Boglioli features a smart, blue herringbone weave. Since the yarn is 83% silk and 17% cotton, the material is some of the softest you will find on a jacket of this caliber. Plus, the yarn in the weave is thicker and rounder than most yarns, providing a bit of texture. This is a shorter coat size (a size 50 is only 73 centimeters in length), with trimmer sleeves, higher arm holes and only two buttons in front. Because of its trim fit, this is an excellent option for gentlemen of smaller stature. It can be worn with white jeans or denim, and also pairs well with sport shirts. In fact, the Dover so versatile you can wear it with most dress shirts. Side-vented and fully unlined, the Dover is a fantastic jacket for summer.

Based in the town of Gambara, in the shadow of the Italian Alps, Boglioli has been making exceptional clothing by hand for generations. With a foundation in classic Italian tailoring, Boglioli has been paring down and simplifying design elements in their clothing to create immaculately tailored clothing with clean lines. Known all over the world for their superior construction and comfortable fit, Boglioli's garments represent a modern approach to Italian sartorial traditions.

Blue Herringbone
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